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New home studio coming online soon

It's been a struggle but there's some new home recording happening soon. Once the final technical hurdles are reached, there could be new changebear songs.  Just to dust off the cobwebbs, the first push will be to throw out some covers and get the juices flowing again. It's all very exciting, I'm sure.  Soon!


Grogg at the Stork Club - Oakland, CA 2002

I was in a band called Grogg with Cody Grimm, Brian Kirk, Nate McFadden and Davin Bogan.

We played at the Stork Club in Oakland - which if you've never been there is/was a club that had Christmas decor all year round, as well as a huge Barbie Doll collection, pinball machines and a pool table.  We got paid in drink tokens -- that were labeled as Wooden Nickles, and I think we got $20 total for playing. This was a place that both Meeshee & Grogg played on several occasions. We're glad some video of Grogg survived, but are dismayed that this all happened 10 years ago.  Time flies. Don't take wooden nickels unless it = a free Pabst.


Something for your ears:


Maybe Baby

My blog can easily be updated from my phone, they say. Well then. Happy Easter.


So it begins, a new chapter

Everytime I go to write a blog post I hear the Doogie Howser theme song in my head.  Is that so wrong?

I got my site up and 99.2% running. 

  • Is it perfect? No. 
  • Did I pour blood sweat and tears into it? Obviously not.
  • Will it be easier to focus on music stuff now that I can post stuff at will? I sure hope so!

Sharing is caring.


In the spirit of sharing bit of my past, I grew up near a little band that not many people have heard of called "flower gang". They were a huge inspiration for me back then, and continue to be to this day. Some of their best songs were never officially recorded or publicly released. I have a shitty old cassette tape recording of a radioshow they played on - on a station that no longer exsists. It was then known as WSMU's radiostation. The interview bits are a riot and the music is great. Here's a taste.

Rumor has it there is a reunion show happening somewhere in NY this month. I can't make it but sure hope that someone records some stuff and shares it. I'd love to hear more. HINT, HINT.



I await you all

You tell me what you want. I will give you what I've got worth giving if I am able.