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So it begins, a new chapter

Everytime I go to write a blog post I hear the Doogie Howser theme song in my head.  Is that so wrong?

I got my site up and 99.2% running. 

  • Is it perfect? No. 
  • Did I pour blood sweat and tears into it? Obviously not.
  • Will it be easier to focus on music stuff now that I can post stuff at will? I sure hope so!

Sharing is caring.


In the spirit of sharing bit of my past, I grew up near a little band that not many people have heard of called "flower gang". They were a huge inspiration for me back then, and continue to be to this day. Some of their best songs were never officially recorded or publicly released. I have a shitty old cassette tape recording of a radioshow they played on - on a station that no longer exsists. It was then known as WSMU's radiostation. The interview bits are a riot and the music is great. Here's a taste.

Rumor has it there is a reunion show happening somewhere in NY this month. I can't make it but sure hope that someone records some stuff and shares it. I'd love to hear more. HINT, HINT.


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